Welcome To My World

Welcome To My World

So here I am…new to the world of blogging.  When I was younger I loved writing.  I would keep a diary or journal.  I admit there were some things that I wanted to keep to myself, but there was a lot more I would’ve wanted to share with others.

Writing isn’t the only thing I love to do.  I also love to craft.  Every since that first time in elementary school when we created a miniature woven rug on a handmade loom. And the time we did cross-stitching on a vinyl canvas as a holiday craft. Oh don’t let me forget my very first latch-hook craft of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.  Home Economics really set it off when we got to sew on the sewing machine.  I got my first sewing machine when I was 18 years old.  I found any excuse to sew…lol.

I then got into making jewelry in my 20s.  My mother-in-law would always tell me that I need to sell them.  I did not even know how to get started with that.  So fast forward to 3 years ago, me  40 years old. I wanted a wreath for my door for the Christmas Holidays.  I didn’t want to buy one so I came up with the idea of crafting one.  I was so amazed how it turned out so I made 4 more and gave them to family members as gifts for their doors.  Again I was told, “You have a gift for making things.  You need to sell them”.

October 2015, I wanted to make a wreath for Halloween.  So I went to my favorite store Hobby Lobby and bought this 20″ wreath form.  I picked out some Halloween deco mesh.  I went to The Dollar Tree and bought some party favors to connect to the wreath.  At the time I was Membership Chairperson for the local American Business Women Association.  My President told me, after seeing my wreath, “If you don’t start you a business, I’m going to kick you”.  So then LoMo’s World was born.

I had been in a couple of direct marketing sales ventures, so I had some knowledge of starting a business.  By me being in the ABWA, I also had been exposed to different trainings and workshops dealing with things like branding, marketing, trademarks, and other things.  It also allowed me to connect with different people who helped by exposing me to events and connections.

I want to use this blog to journal my continued journey, to share my creations, and to get opinions from you, my peers.  I am so excited and I am looking forward to getting to know you.  Welcome to my world!

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